Hosting Security

Visionary Host cares about security and has put in place multiple measures to keep the websites we host secure.


Secure Operating System

We run a secured Operating System called Cloud Linux. This Indstredy leading secure operating system allows us to enusure constant reliablity of websites we host. This means we can provide to you above bar kernel level security, stability and performance by leveraging containerization.

Hardened PHP

PHP Security

Often the internet progresses faster than many of us can rebuild websites. As a resultm, 85% of all PHP sites, are running old versions of PHP that unsupported by the community. We offer these older versions of PHP through a HardenedPHP that secures old and unsupported versions of PHP to make sure that your site stays secure from attacks. This allows for easy of mind that you do not need to wory about the older PHP versions that your site may depend on.

Adaptive Firewall

Network Security

We employ Adaptive learning firewalls to secure websites that we host. Our firewall can adapt to ddos attacks and hackers by watching all user logins, connection attempts, and other intrusion detection methods to detect potential malicious intent and prevent it.

Anti-Virus & Anti-malware

File Security

Additionally we employ Deep packet inspection, and monitor all data uploads to ensure protection for your website.  We check and scan all file uploads to check to make sure that they do not have known hacking or malware tools that can harm your site. We didn't stop there and have also employed Anti-virus, and Intrusion Detection systems to keep you and your clients safe.